This information is in regards to the co-op classes.

Classes Meet at First Baptist of Lapeer 1212 Knollwood Dr. Lapeer, MI

TIME FRAME AND FORMAT: The “school year” is broken down into two semesters: September – December, and January – April. Classes meet every other Monday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. This program is for grades K-12. Because one parent or guardian from each family is required to help, we provide childcare for the younger siblings including a nursery for infants, a Wee Walker nursery for children walking – 24 months of age (a simple craft, snack & story time are included), a Wee Runner nursery for children 24 months of age to 3 years (a story time, songs, games and crafts are included) and a Preschool for children 3-4 years old (must be potty trained and age 3 by December 1st of that calendar year).

K-1 – Students in grades Kindergarten and 1st meet together for a two-hour block of time working on K-1 activities. The class is broken up into small groups for different hands-on learning stations including; science, math, phonics, writing, etc. This group is provided with a snack also. The final third hour is physical education in our church gym. Children must be age 5 by December 1st of the calendar year to enter this class.

Elementary – Students in grades 2-5 are divided into two groups – grades 2-3 together and grades 4-5 together. These students rotate between three 55 minute classes per class day (classes change each semester).
Jr. High/Sr. High – Students in grades 6-12 are divided into three groups – grades 6-7 together, grades 8-9 together and grades 10-12 together. These students rotate between three 55 minute classes per class day (classes change each semester).

REQUIREMENTS: A parent or guardian, from each family, must commit to working during the current semester. All workers are required to fill out a Children’s Worker’s Disclosure Form (background check) for our program (if they have not already) which must be returned and approved prior to student(s) attending classes.

COST:  Tuition is paid per semester and consists of a $50 family fee plus $35 per student (Wee Walker and Wee Runner children are $10.00 per semester and Nursery children are FREE). A maximum of $120 per family per semester.

GENERAL RULES/REGULATIONS:  These rules are for the safety of everyone involved, for the respect of our church building and respect of God’s Word.
Parents/guardians must remain in the church building during the entire F.A.I.T.H. program.  If there is an emergency and someone must leave the building, they must receive approval from the Director and arrangements must be made.  If you are unable to attend the classes for the designated day, please contact the Director – Deanna.  Please do not assume it will be ok to leave your children in the charge of another adult without first obtaining approval by the Director. Do not bring sick children to class and especially not to the nursery(s). Please dress your children modestly (I Tim. 2:9-10, II Tim. 2:22) and appropriately for the occasion (Lev. 6:10-11, Ezek. 42:14).  Girls are to wear loose fitting clothing that covers their entire torso.  Boys are to wear pants that fit around the waist.  When the weather permits shorts, walking shorts are most acceptable.  NO short shorts!  Girls in elementary grades that wish to wear dresses must wear shorts under their dress to be modest in physical education.  The children may be doing activities that are messy or require physical play so sweat pants are acceptable.  Also, they need to wear clean, dry, shoes to protect the church’s carpeting.  Hats should be removed in the auditorium and during class times. No gum chewing in the building. No running in the church building, except during gym class. Children must not roam the church building, but must remain in the control of the adult in charge of them for that time period.  No children are to be left unsupervised at any time. We must all be respectful of each other particularly when someone else is speaking. Be ON TIME to the program.  We start at 8:30 a.m.SHARP!First Baptist Church of Lapeer (building & grounds) is a smoke and drug free premises. Do not bring pocket knives or anything else that may be used as a weapon to the F.A.I.T.H. Program. iPods or other music listening devices are not permitted. All participants must treat the church facilities and equipment with the utmost care and respect. The F.A.I.T.H. Program participants are responsible for any damage that may occur to the building or grounds.

DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS:  Each one of us is responsible for keeping the student’s behavior under control. Please use the following guidelines for handling disruptive behavior:
1st Offense: Ask the student to please stop the behavior and warn the student that if they do not stop the behavior they will have to sit with an adult in the classroom.
2nd Offense: Move the student next to an adult.
3rd Offense: Remove the student from class and escort them to the Director. The director will notify parent/guardian during next transition.

*Exceptions – If a student’s behavior is excessively rude or aggressive, steps 1 and 2 should be skipped and step 3 should be taken immediately. If a student continues to be a disruption during the semester, they will be asked not to return.